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Wed, Feb 27 2008

Mister Ron's Basement #1000 (Part Two)

EPISODE #1000 -- 'The Stanley Huntley Story' is so BIG that we have to present it in THREE PARTS!

Today we present Part Two, Stanley Huntley's legendary 1879 interview with Sitting Bull in the Canadian wilderness for the Chicago Tribune, and the fascinating aftermath.

Please note -- A major typographical error from the original publication of this story in 1879 has been corrected in this upload. There is a fascinating story behind this error, and you can read about it at the Mister Ron's Basement blog at http://misterronsbasement.blogspot.com/2008/02/episode-1000-erratum.html

Part Three will concentrate on Huntley's brief tenure as the humorist for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, where he created the immortal Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke, and will also include the twists and turns of fate that sent his widow Florence Huntley into strange paths as an author.

Time: approx ONE HOUR and two minutes

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