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Mon, Sep 05 2005

Mister Ron's Basement #119

Writers who were either from or who wrote about the city of New Orleans get the Spotlight in the Basement this week. From Eliza Moore Chinn McHatton Ripley's 1912 Book, 'Social Life in Old New Orleans,' the story 'A Country Wedding in 1846' with a fitting toe tapper of an intro.

Time: approx twelve minutes

Mister Ron's Complicated Contest is OVER! It has been Cancelled! Apparently, it was too complicated, and no one entered. However, ALL the prizes - - the entire tote bag full of books, are NOW being auctioned off on ebay, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, which is engaged in a tremendous task, helping the folks in Louisiana recover from the devastation of the Hurricane and Flood. So drop on over to the auction and bid away!

(note: this auction ended in 2005)

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