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Sat, Dec 30 2006

Mister Ron's Basement #593

Beginning a new series -- 'The Sunday Salad' -- stories written by Stanley Huntley. Huntley had a fascinating career, and his life is as compelling as any tales we have told here in the Basement. During the last years of Huntley's life, he wrote a humorous weekly column for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle called 'The Sunday Salad.'

The feature ran an assortment of humorous pieces, including news items, funny poetry, spoofs of popular writers, and most importantly, immortal stories of the battling couple, Mr. and Mrs. Spoopendyke.

Most (but not all) of the Huntley pieces we will read from the 'Sunday Salad' will be Spoopendyke stories. They are superbly funny, and remained immensely popular in collected volumes with American readers for decades beyond Huntley's death in 1885.

Today's Spoopendyke story, from February 29, 1880, is called 'The Fifteen Puzzle.'

Time: approx nine and a half minutes

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