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Sat, Nov 7 2009

Mister Ron's Basement #1500 (Part ONE of EIGHT)

Welcome to the 1500th Episode of Mister Ron's Basement!

We are presenting this Episode in EIGHT Parts, one per day for the next eight days.

In 1906, Ellis Parker Butler published 'Perkins of Portland' a book collection of eight stories of the world's greatest Advertising Man. Most of these stories had appeared in assorted popular magazines. Episode #1500 will be readings of these incredibly funny, and surprisingly modern Perkins of Portland stories. Yes, we have read some of these before in early episodes of the Basement.

Today's piece is called 'Mr. Perkins of Portland' and it originally appeared in 'The Century' Magazine in February of 1900. Your comments are welcome!

Time: approx fifteen minutes

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