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Sun, Apr 26 2009

Mister Ron's Basement #1358

Our Saturday Night Special story is told through two separate tales by Leon Mead.

They both deal with the photograph we featured in Episode #1343 and is reproduced on this web page again, below.

The first tale is taken from Mead's 1899 book, 'The Bow Legged Ghost and Other Stories' and it tells how the photograph came about. It also includes one of the very few truly sad stories Bill Nye ever wrote. It is called 'Eugene Field and Bill Nye.'

The second piece concerns the finding of the lost picture. It appeared in the New York Tribune in 1905 and is called 'The Story of a Photograph.'

The photo as it appeared in the Tribune in 1905

The photo as it appeared in Visscher's 1908 Book

Time: approx sixteen and a half minutes

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