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Mon, Apr 07 2008

Mister Ron's Basement #1032

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and Max Adeler (Charles Heber Clark) engaged in a long-running feud, with each accusing the other of plagiarism more than once. Oddly enough, the two of them attacked each other indirectly in print, using names and circumstances that would be recognized by their targets.

In our first piece from 1870, Twain attacks Adeler in the Galaxy Magazine in 1870 without mentioning him by name in 'A Literary Old Offender in Court with Suspicious Property in His Possession'

Then we offer an 1879 Adeler tale, the first of at least three where a character named Abner Byng (Twain previously had used the pen name of 'Carl Byng') is painted as the world's biggest liar. This story is called 'The Facts About Sam Snyder.'

Time: approx fourteen minutes

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