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Mister Ron's Basement #1011 Mon, Mar 17 2008

Mister Ron's Basement #1011

March is Women's History Month! This week, we will be reading fun stories from 19th century women authors.

Metta Victoria Victor was one of the most popular authors of her time, writing literally hundreds of dime novels under an assortment of male and female pen names. Today, we read a selection from her 1884 book, 'A Good Boy's Diary' called 'A Cat in the Dumb Waiter.' It's an amusing tale of a mischievous boy who gets into heaps of trouble!

You can read a bit more about Mrs. Victor in the Mister Ron's Basement blog at http://misterronsbasement.blogspot.com/2008/03/metta-victoria-victor.html

Time: approx sixteen minutes

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